Bream Fishing Charters

Orion Fishing Charters offers Bream fishing trips throughout the summer months. These charters are best during the week of the Full Moon in the months of May through August.  As fishing guides, we can say we look forward to Bream fishing as much as any charter. These trips are a favorite of kids for the fast action that can be non-stop. No need to be on the water at sun-up or to be an experienced angler. By the charter’s end everyone will be a panfish catching expert, and sure to have a mess of the tastiest fish that swims for dinner.

Multiple species of bream are abundant in southern waters and mesmerize with their beauty, keeping kids content all day. Although bream fishing can be enjoyed by everyone, we have found youngsters are best entertained by having multiple “fish catching” opportunities in an outing to augment their love of the outdoors and the amazing sport of fishing. Contact us today to book your Bream Fishing trip.