Lake Allatoona ~ First week of September

Lake Allatoona is about 5 feet low and the suface temp. mostly 82 degrees

Fishing has been up and down for the last month with the fish on the move in search of comfortable conditions and the presence of bait. One day the creeks will be loaded with fish and the next day you will have to explore the creek mouths and river channel.

We have had decent catches of crappie and spotted bass mid-way back in the major creeks and large “bay areas” slow trolling jigs tipped with small threadfin shad. Small minnows will work but the presence of tons of small shad makes it easy to net all you need. We are trolling at .6 to 1.0 miles an hour with an assortment of 1/16 to 1/8 ounce jigs. With the presence of larger Spotted Bass 6 pound test is best but the crappie bite is better using 2 to 4 pound test line.

Keep an eye out for the bait fish on the surface because these are the areas the fish will be holding. What is a good area one day may not be good the next. As far as the main lake goes there are many schools of shad from Clear Creek all the way to the ski jump in Allatoona Creek. We have been catching lots of smaller Hybrids and Spotted Bass on the surface with popping cork rigs and small spoons skipped along the suface. These fish are busting the bait schools up and working the surface in the mornings and evenings most days. On cloudy days the action can last longer. These fish are smaller in size ranging from 1/4 pound to a pound. From mid lake to Little River the bait seems to be a bit larger and the fish do as well.

There have been some large schools of Hybrids in the 4 pound range showing up. They are on a mission to fatten up for the fall season. The best way not to catch these fish is to run-and-gun with the big motor. The fish will not stay in the area if pressured. Hold your position and the fish will surface within a few feet of the boat and then feed them shad or whatever looks like one. My favorite is the half ounce custom bait called the “Scallawag”. I am pleased with some bonus catches the last few weeks of big Flat-Head cats. The Flat-Heads are eating Live Shad fished on main lake points near cover, cover being marinas or lighted docks.

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