The Orion Report – Coosa River

The summer water temps and lethargic fish activity have finally changed. This week the fish have started chasing shad very aggressively. Our catches have been great all week. We have been getting Stripers, Crappie, White Bass, and some “magnum” Spotted Bass! The schools of shad are an amazing sight to witness. I do not know of another waterway that compares to the Coosa River with regard to Gizzard Shad and ease of catching them. After netting your bait, simply hook a shad to a spinning reel and cast to the shoreline. Keep an eye on your line for the hit and hang-on. We are using mostly 8 pound test monofilament with a BB split shot 18 inches or so above the hook. This style of fishing is ideal for kids, they can learn to cast without having to be precise, as well as learning to “feel” the bite. These fish are in large schools so the action has been lasting for most of the outing. The cool thing about the Coosa River is the many fishing styles, techniques, and species to explore. We have caught Flat Head Catfish and Blue Catfish this week fishing cut bait in the river bends.

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